Walk barefoot in the snow

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This will certainly wake you up!  How long will you sleepwalk through life?  Maybe a little discomfort is what you need. (A)

If if you are feeling numb, whether it’s body, mind, or heart, maybe you need a little invigoration.  Step outside with your naked feet in the snow,  just for a minute – not long enough to get frostbite –  then come back in (or put your shoes back on).  Are you awake now?  I bet you are!

Sometimes we need something to shock us out of our routine, to help us realize how much choice we have.  You fall into patterns and keep doing the same things, even if it’s not what you really want, because it’s comfortable.  You let little injustices go occasionally, whether at work or home because it’s easier than making waves.  I do it too sometimes – we all do.  But when it becomes a habit, that is when discomfort can be your friend – to make you change your patterns.  If you can choose a minor discomfort, you can start to be able to deal with larger ones.

Try it.  See how you can challenge yourself to overcome inertia, to move in a new direction.  Wake up!

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