Try a yoga class and bend past your inhibitions.

There are many different types of yoga – try one for at least 3 or 4 sessions and see how it affects how you feel physically and mentally. (A)

I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical about the whole yoga thing.  Not only did it seem like something that once the turf of hippies was now attended by mainly white yuppie moms it also didn’t look like more than some overpriced fancy stretching to my untrained eye. I have always been a fan of more vigorous exercise and an hour of bending and reaching looked pretty boring.

However, in the last couple of years, I began to reconsider. I had a couple of coworkers who swore by its health benefits on posture, flexibility and getting rid of physical ailments.  I am sometimes a bit hard on my body, so I have been developing some aches and pains over the years, plus being kind of stiff.  So I thought maybe I would give it a try. I saw a special on Groupon for Bikram (hot) yoga.  That sounded more challenging and it was $40 for 20 classes – what an unbeatable price! I signed up myself and my bassist and we have been going about once a week for the past couple of months.

I have to say that it has definitely made a difference, even for our limited attendance.  Often in the morning my back and neck make Rice Krispie snap, crackles and pops but on days after yoga, it barely makes any noise at all.  I have some spider varicose veins pretty badly on one of my shins and I noticed that as I attend these classes, they have been becoming less severe.  I have improved my range of motion and notice (as well as adjust) my posture more.  And as for yoga not being much of a workout?  Well, I don’t know about non-Bikram classes but I am soaked with sweat and exhausted by the end of our class.  Yes, it is in a hot room, but I think even in an average temperature space, it would be a workout.  Quite a few people in the class need to sit down at some point or another during the session.  My bassist and I credit our ability to get through it with years of playing on hot stages under blazing lights.  Nonetheless… whew!

Our 20 classes will be at an end soon, but I am considering perhaps going once a week or at least a couple times a month in the future.  The benefits have been undeniable.  Just another example of how trying something that you would ordinarily not consider can have surprisingly positive benefits.  What’s next?  My bassist and I have been discussing skydiving…

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