Don’t get too buried in the numbers

Don’t get stuck in the numbers of  what society tells you you should have…your age, your waistline, your income – while waiting for life’s lottery, people die. (J)

That’s right.  Why waste your life wishing to be something or someone else? Face it, when life sucks, as it sometimes will, YOU should take responsibility for what you can and forget about the things you can’t change.  Now some of these numbers you do have a hand in (waistline, income), but it’s not an immediate change and sometimes you just have to deal with what you have.  But make the changes for YOU – not for society or those around you. Some things you can’t change (your age, for example) –  once again, you just have to deal with it.

It’s when your life becomes all numbers, unless you are a mathematician, that you have problems. When your day to day becomes a spreadsheet of the money you have, a clock of minutes and hours, a tally of what people owe you, a lottery ticket that will magically make your life better – then it’s time to take a step back and see what the numbers mean to you. Yes, we have bills to pay, places to be on time, debts to collect, and you might get lucky on Powerball – but there is more to life than those digits.

Money is a tool, time is a precious commodity, sometimes debts are better off forgotten, and if you spend all of your time waiting for your lucky numbers to strike – how are you changing your life for the better today?

Get organized, be on time, keep a close accounting of your affairs. Yes, but also have 1 on 1 time with people you care about. Don’t get 2 caught up in the numbers.

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