Invite friends or relatives from a different town to come visit

Call your friends, call your relatives and see if someone from out of town wants to come visit you.  Show them around your city and become a tourist all over again, rediscovering the cool things in your area, rediscovering what you really like about each other. (A)

I moved about 750 miles away from the city I grew up in.  As the years have gone by (about 11 now), the superficial relationships have dropped away and the connections that remain are the important ones.  I only make it back about twice a year and then I don’t get to spend near enough time with any one person because I want to make time to see EVERYONE.  But every once in awhile, friends and relatives have managed to make it up here to visit me and one of my siblings who also moved up to this region.  I want to show them a good time and all of the cool things in the place I live now, so it makes a tourist of me all over again.  What exhibits are currently showing at local museums?  What cool bands are playing?  Where are the best places to eat?  Who are some cool new friends I have here that are a blast to hang out with?

And then there are the late night conversations, catching up on what the people I used to hang out with in my former hometown are doing now.  Letting my new hometown friends hear funny stories from my past, sometimes even breaking out the blackmail photos of the stupid things we did and the nerds we once were.  (OK, still are at times.)  The deep talks about changing philosophies, the shared joys and tribulations of life lessons learned.  The absolute wonder of seeing the awesome people we have grown into.

I love you guys! Come see me anytime!

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