Put a galaxy on your ceiling

Create the cosmos above where you dream. (A)

Use the current constellations or create your own and contemplate the heavens. Make stories of gods and heroes to look up to at night.  Cast your eyes above into the dark to find the lights to navigate you through rough waters.

You can purchase night light domes with the constellations, or glue star maps to your ceiling.  But you can also find glow in the dark plastic stars, cut ones out of tin foil or some other reflective material, and stick them up yourself to create maps of the sky.

I have always been fascinated by the sparkling sky once the sun sets. In school, I took all of the astronomy classes that were available – I wanted to delve more deeply, but the math required eluded my understanding. The more I tried to contemplate the great beyond and the size of the universe, the more I felt my head would expand to a great balloon and float away. We learned the practical of red shift and the movement of stars, of analyzing light to find out its elements, of how the rotation and tilt of the earth showed different constellations in different seasons.  And yet, even with the knowledge of practical science, gazing at the stars is a metaphysical joy of reaching for the unknown and realizing that no matter the great size of your personal problems, or even of the world’s problems, that we are a speck in the cosmos and that while we are blessed by our brief time on this spinning bauble, the universe will go on without us.  It is both humbling and exhilarating to see how tiny we really are.  There is always more to reach for, always loftier goals and destinations to grasp.

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