Learn to use new technology

Whether it is learning a software program, how to use a fancy remote, or how to program your phone, see how the people in the world conspire to make your life easier. (A)

Every new technology you learn is a step towards more independence, a better job, or just an easier way to do something.  Some of the things I have learned are how to drive a car, use an iron (although that is one tool I don’t use very often!), program an effects pedal for my guitar, use a digital camera, write songs on Acid (the program, not the drug), effectively use the Internet, use a computer and an iPhone, set up a teleconference and run a vacuum cleaner. I know how to use a binding machine, a copier and a scanner.  I can make PowerPoint presentations and use most Microsoft Office programs.

Most recently, I am learning to use Word Press and set up a web site (yes, the one you are reading right now).  It can be scary, intimidating work.  I am a bit of a technophobe and the first thing I always think when something unexpected happens is “I broke it!”

Some of the things I want to learn are: Pro-Tools, how to use a video camera and post to YouTube.  I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle and fly a helicopter.  I want to know how to find constellations with a telescope and correctly titrate chemical solutions. I want to be able to fix my car (at least the basics) and know how to correctly set up climbing gear to go rappelling.  It would be to my great advantage to know how to use a mixing board and run sound.  There are so many interesting tools and programs out there to do so many specific things!

Of course, I can always learn how to do things better as well.  As mentioned above, I am just learning how to put together this site.  And when I am fairly proficient, I could help other people set up sites too, or at least help explain how it’s done.  How exciting!

I too am a machine, a piece of technology, a vehicle for travel and a supercomputer.  This most important equipment I have requires careful maintenance and constant upgrades.  I struggle to learn to use this body and mind better, more efficiently, and yes, I fear breaking it at times. But this, my brain, this mortal coil, this instrument of divine creation is the best technology I will ever own – without which all these scientific advances would be useless. My left and right hemispheres will conspire to make my life easier by ever more effective use!

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