Stop being a Dumb Ass

Go back to school. Finish college. Read books on what other stupid people have done so you don’t repeat their past.  Think before you speak. Take free courses online. Go to the library and research something that has concerned or mystified you for years. Get in the know. (J)

I read a great quote from H.G. Wells: “Human history is, in essence, a history of ideas”. Learning is based on taking ideas and building upon them.  If you are bored and stuck – why not start opening doors and see what is behind them? So you feel dull and uninteresting?  What are you curious about and why aren’t you finding out more about it?  Opportunities for learning and growth are everywhere – the Internet has exploded and no matter what you type in (if you spell it right), you can generally find something out about it.  One caveat is if you are truly searching for truth - check your sources as there is also a wealth of MISinformation right at your fingertips.  Test your hypothesis.  Talk to other people who have are inquiring about the same kinds of things and ponder their insights. 

Then use this knowlege to get a better job, get yourself out of a jam, start your own business, or just satisfy your curiosity. Myself, I love reading as a way of learning.

  • My college education helped me get jobs because even though I did not use my music BA to get a job, I had very good grades and   a wide knowledge base.  I am certainly not sorry that I studied music – it has made me a better musician and opened my mind to new ideas and styles -but I am also not sorry I studied other things too.
  • The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker is the book which I have given away the most copies of.  This book has helped me figure my way out of more than one person’s manipulations and head games.  This book has made me realize more clearly what are true threats and what are shallow intimidations.
  • I have been able to run my music business more efficiently by reading up on contracts, figuring out how to do my taxes, and taking business classes.
  • By spending afternoons in the library as a child, I learned at least some basics about natural disasters, physics, the history of the KKK in Indiana, similarities between religions, large dog breeds, the value of costume jewelry, wars that America has been involved in, culture clashes, the mystery of Oak Island, Robert Goddard the father of rocketry, and many, many more things.
  • I am pretty good at Trivial Pursuit.

There is nothing in the world like reading. You can learn from cereal boxes and street signs.   You can understand the ideas of those long dead by perusing their words.  You can figure out how to escape some of the snares and toils of reckless fortune by taking the time to absorb the fine print.  No excuses – go learn.  And if you can’t read or not very well, there are dance classes, car mechanics, knitting lessons – there is always something new to learn and someone eager to show you.

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