Try Again

Seriously, stop whining and get up now.

As long as you wake up again tomorrow, you can usually try again. (A)

Of course, this doesn’t apply to saving someone’s life in surgery or viewing a “once every 200 years” event or… well you know what I mean. Last week I wrote that I was going to start riding my bike to work “the very NEXT day!”  The very next day, I woke up tired, looked outside and decided, “Well, maybe tomorrow…” I felt guilty about it all day because I had publicly announced my intentions (a good way to make yourself do something that you don’t want to do), but after all, it was just a bike ride! So the following day, I got up and left on my bike, although it took me a good half mile of riding to stop questioning whether I wanted to or not. However, finally I made it and I felt great!

I have been struggling with writing this blog lately – not because I don’t have any ideas but more because I have not been committing the time.  I really would like to do this for at least a year and see if I can develop any kind of readership and also, I think it would be good for me and my writing to be persistent and disciplined.  So while this post is more than a week late, here it is. 

One thing I have been determined to do is keep getting up again.  Sometimes it takes me awhile to do so, but so far, so good. Now trying again doesn’t mean you have to keep doing the same thing.  If you keep sliding down the side of the mountain after several tries, find a new route. I know I get quite stubborn about things and think that my way is right – sometimes I have to get a bloody nose from running into the wall so many times before I stop and look at it to find a new plan. 

I rode my bike home today and I will ride to work again soon.  I missed some time blogging but I plan to get back to posting on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  I didn’t like the way my band’s last show went – guess this means I need to practice more.  Time to back up and look for a new route up the mountain!

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2 Responses to Try Again

  1. Asian Goddess says:

    My son and I have been riding the bike to and from his school sometimes to save up on gas! It is tiring, I agree. But very exhilarating and strangely enough, invigorating! Don’t stop riding your bike! Or have you already done that?

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